Appetizers – Botanas

Ceviche de Camaron     12.99
Shrimp cured in fresh lime juice, mixed with purple onions, tomatoes, cilantro and jalapenos. Served with tostadas and saltines

Nachos Supreme     9.99
Corn tortilla chips layered with refried beans, cheese and your choice of chicken, ground beef or shredded beef. Topped with guacamole, sour cream, jalapenos, onion and tomato

Jalapeno Poppers     6.99
Jalapeno peppers battered and fried, stuffed with cream cheese

Table Side Guacamole     7.99
Fresh guacamole prepared table side to your liking

Calamari     9.99
Fried calamari served with a honey chipotle sauce for dipping

Chile Con Queso     6.99
Melted cheese mixed with chorizo and chile. Served with chips and warm flour tortillas

Camarones Agua Chile     12.99
Shrimp cured in fresh lime juice, with purple onion and cucumber topped with jalapeno sauce and served with saltines

Quesadilla     9.99
Melted cheese between flour tortilla triangles with your choice of grilled chicken or steak. Served with guacamole and sour cream

Fresh Oysters     Market Price
Fresh oysters served on the half shell with lime. Half dozen