Ultimate Dessert     7.99 Flan, sopapilla and ice cream Sopapilla     3.25 Fried pastry puffed and crisped, sweetened with honey Fried Ice Cream     5.99 Vanilla Ice Cream rolled in cinnamon and corn flakes, fried and laid in a tortilla bowl topped with whip cream and your choice of strawberry, chocolate, or caramel topping Flan     3.99 Delicious oven baked custard-like gelatin with a caramelized outer shell Churros     4.99 Donut like dough fried.
All burritos come with beans smothered with your choice of green or red chile. Topped with sour cream, cheese, lettuce, black olives and tomato. Fresh guacamole available. Fajitas     11.99 Shredded Beef      10.99 Chicken     10.99 Ground Beef     10.99 Carnitas     11.99  Shrimp     12.99 Beans     8.99  .